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Blue Square Branding offers a full suite of promotional branding services under one roof. Sales, embroidery, creative production, e-commerce service, and warehousing all take place at our offices and facilities.

Customers find our turnkey solutions more efficient and manageable, without the need for excessive additional third parties for certain steps. It also helps us keep our pricing reasonable and affordable.

Brand Influence: Customized by Blue Square Branding

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Blue Square Branding offers branded corporate clothing and embroidered logo gifts through expert customization and detailed decoration.

Blue Square Branding's process is streamlined and smooth. It helps us produce all your merchandise on short lead times and tight deadlines. Our custom embroidered promotional clothing and logo accessories are cost-efficiently manufactured with quick turnaround times. We offer a low minimum for custom merchandise and perform full quality and environmental tests on each item we make.

As a Corporate Gear customer, you have total freedom in ordering and designing your branded products. Shop for merchandise by brand, type, and price range. Customize your choice of products according to color, size, and design options. We offer an extensive list of products to choose from, including men’s and women’s apparel, hats, bags and backpacks, drinkware, golf balls and equipment, and much more.

Choosing Your Company's Custom Branded Promotional Clothing and Accessories

Once you’ve decided upon a product, our full-service design process begins. Our Decoration Guide makes this step straightforward and painless:

  • Add your corporate logo or let us help you design one.
  • Choose the font and color of any additional text you want to add.
  • Personalize your product with our in-house embroidery to make permanent, long-lasting impressions, or select our screen-printing, heat-press, or laser-engraving image options.

Our turnkey, all-in-one solution helps us provide customers with seamless and consistent service, access to top premium clothing and lifestyle brands, and centralized decoration and design. Corporate Gear’s clients and brand partners appreciate our streamlined operation for its flexibility and timesaving.

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